Today I am going to talk about MLB 19. I don’t know a lot about this game because its not out yet.  At the moment all I know about the console it support is PS4. This game is all about baseball. When you play the you can play story mode, online, and local. The story mode is all about the road to success. start from high school all the way to big leagues. In online play you play against other people. You can build your team and make your way to the top. In local play you can pick your team and play with friends that come over. You don’t need to be online to have fun. So buy the game have fun with friends and play with the A’s.


Today I am going to talk about the ps4. In my opinion i think it is the best console. Here are some pros for the ps4 a good memory card, a lot of storage, it holds 500gb of storage, that’s half of a terabyte. It has a cool design, has a lot of games that xbox doesn’t have, and a easy to hold controller. Here are some cons. The low usb port only has 2, buttons on the ps4 is small, wish to have a 2 terabyte storage. and i want Forsa Horizon. But in all means the ps4 developers and they made the best console in my opinion.

All About Me

Hi I am Ayden i live in the bay area, between San Francisco and Sacramento.

I am a middle school student, I am 13.

A typical day at school is going to a lot of different classes like math,history,science all of that.

I collect baseball cards i love baseball. One day I try out for for a travel team. a couple days later my dad said “i don’t think you made it”, a couple hours later they said i made it.

I have one dog one sister and one dad and one mom.