Wp9 Why I like video games

Video Games. One of the top produced product in the world. Millions Billions are playing these games. Fortnite everybody knows what that is, the most popular game on the market, 8.3 Million people are playing this game. Thats a world record. Video games are a way to get away without getting away. You can play in your room know, no need to go to arcades anymore. I play PS4, PS4 is a controller console. It competion is Xbox. You can also play video games on hand held devices you can play on the go. you can also play video game on a computer like this one, also a laptop. Some people don’t play video games and thats good I just like to play them. Thats all for my post hope you have fun playing video games.

wp10 MLB 19

MLB 19 is a major league baseball video game. its all about baseball and getting to the top. There is online play or offline play. In online play you can make your team and make it the best and compete against other players. In the offline play called road to the show, you can make your own person or even your self. Make it to draft season and then AA then AAA and finally MLB. you can play any position. You can also hit. I’m going to talk about offline play because i play it the most. i have a pitcher and a ss player. I have 14 home runs 22 doubles 16 singles 2 triples. you can pick atrubutes like heart and soul. Thats all for my post i hope you have fun playing MLB 19.


How many weeks of the challenge did you participate in?8 weeks

How many posts did you write in the ten week period? 16 posts

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers, or other visitors? 0

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think this is so? 0

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? wP5 brawlhalla

Did you change blog themes at all during the Student Blogging Challenge? yes

Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog? revolver maps and google slides


What are your plans for your blog now? Will you keep posting? no


I dont think my family celebrates any thing else but we do, do the normal holidays. like Christmas, Halloween. Easter, valentines day, and others like presidents day. so I dont have a lot to talk about so yah. But that’s OK I think other holidays are cool and we dont have school. We do do presidents day and its all about our presidents. We have no school too. But that’s not whats its all about. Its about are presidents that made america. Some people go hard core like dress up like presidents. I sit back and watch the¬†documentary and baseball games. I like all the other holidays to Ayden out.

WP7Jump Force

Jump Force is an anime fighting game. If your read my WP5 I talked about Brawlhalla. Its kinda like that but has better graphics, like way better graphics. You pick your charterers and the place you fight. Its a 3D graphical game. Its just awesome, like anime this game is for you. You can make your own character with hundreds of possibility’s. Therese so many moves you can pick from. Finishing moves also. There are so many characters to. All from small anime’s to big ones like Naruto and bleach. It an online and offline pvp. They have three teams. Gamma, Alpha. and team Beta. I,m on team Gamma, Naruto’s team. That’s not even all I could go for ever but that’s all I’m going to talk about today. Thanks.


This is my music playlist

  1. Real Thing, Quadeca
  2. Hu Huh!, Quadeca
  3. Robbery, Juice World
  4. Mixed personalities, Ynw Melly
  5. Swervin, Boogie with da hoodie
  6. Murder on my mind, Ynw Melly
  7. Knees deep, Zack Brown Band
  9. XXXTENTACION РMoonlight (EA7 Remix) [Bass Boosted],MusicArtsHD  #R.I.P X
  10. SAD, xxxtentacion #R.I.P X

Wp5 Brawlhalla

Today i’m going to talk about Brwalhalla. Brawlhalla is a bird’s eye view fighting game. I’ts kinda like Super Smash Bros. You pick a character with, synth, sword, gantlets, spear,cannon, katars, hammer, pistols, bow, axe, and rocket lance. You can pick characters like Mirage and Lucian. The game is 3 years old and still has updates. Unlike other games. The new update is a collaborate with the knew movie “Hell Boy”. I use Mirage she has synth and spear. You can do F.F.A. ranked 1v1s or 2v2s. Ranked means you go against people that has near the same ELO rating. ELO rating is based on your win loss ratio. My ELO rating is 1353, that’s pretty good. There’s normal rank, gold rank, diamond rank, and platinum rank. That is the end of my post please comment cause I wanna see how many people play


On Monday I wake up and take a shower. After the shower, I change then I go eat breakfast. After I eat breakfast i brush my teeth and leave for school. Then i go to huddle. I have 8 periods, team, math(math is 2 periods long) , tech, science, ELA, history, and P.E. At recess I like to play basketball, I also like to talk with friends. At lunch I also like to play basketball and eat before. Recess 10 mins, and lunch is 30. There many groups you can hangout with to. You can also sit at the lunch table and eat also. We have 29 class rooms not including the gym. most classrooms have 32 kids in it. Then we go home